Responsible from the start

You don’t have to wonder whether the floor you choose is made in a way that aligns with your priorities – conserving natural resources and thinking ahead about what is best for the environment. We know that beautiful floors start with responsible actions. That’s why we’re committed to sourcing, designing, and manufacturing resilient flooring products with sustainability in mind.

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Leading in environmental health and safety as well as corporate social responsibility; proactively and transparently assessing ingredients

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Finding new solutions to reduce energy, water, and material waste; recycling unused, factory-made material back into products

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Removing the need to harvest less-abundant natural resources by combining highly abundant natural ingredients (limestone, for example) with synthetic materials (like vinyl) to create long-lasting, highly durable, nature-inspired designs

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Improving efficiency in manufacturing means less greenhouse gases are emitted in the process – and thus less carbon is “embodied” within the product

What is an Environmental Product Declaration?

Our third-party certified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) provide you, your architect and designer with a listing of environmental impacts for resilient flooring products.

An EPD is based on a product life cycle assessment (LCA) that evaluates environmental impact indicators, such as Global Warming Potential. The goal is to use the LCA for continual product improvement to reduce impacts to the environment. Plus, you get a list of ingredients – we don’t leave you to wonder what your flooring is made from.

Whether or not you choose to dig into the product details, you can rest assured that we’ve measured the impacts of our manufacturing processes, we’ve made the data public – and we’ll never stop continually improving our products.

Learn more about industry-wide EPDs. For more information on product-specific EPDs, visit the manufacturer’s website.

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